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Quote from our whole team Safeguarding training, our trainer was an NHS regional Safeguarding lead.


"It was a pleasure to meet and deliver training to your staff. I was very impressed by the knowledge you and your staff had regarding safeguarding, it was clear that everyone understands the nursery safeguarding processes and utilise supervision routes to raise concerns they have.

As a group the engagement with the group was excellent. The conversations generated through this learning showed how focused they are on the child and how willing they were to understand their safeguarding resopnsibility in a wider context than just the nursery.

My overall sense was that you are leading nursery where safeguarding is an open topic and that the staff feel comfortable to discuss and raise potential safeguarding issues".


We are delighted to be working with Jill Bainton former

Ofsted inspector and school consultant on continuous school improvement and Safeguarding.



Our specialist safeguarding partners for ongoing training and best practice are; the Dialogue Safeguarding consultancy who are experts in the field.







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